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Security & Investigation Services

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Security and Private Investigations


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We are a Veteran owned business with professional security officer services. PPS IX Security Service offers full service personal body guard and executive security services for our VIP clients who require extra protection, PPS IX has extensive experience in personal body guard services. Our Officers are fully uniformed or at your request can be dressed in professional dressed attire such as a suit or business casual. Furthermore, when providing personal guard service, clients may ask for an optional service of a luxury vehicle for Officers to travel in. 


Commercial & Industrial Security Services:


This is a company with over 55 years’ staff experience in commercial security patrol services; PPS IX is an industry leader in building security. We provide 24/7 physical officer security and if you are not satisfied with your current patrol security, we will be happy to replace the officer(s) with another security officer with no increase in cost and will fulfill the existing contract.


We provide vigilant and preventive patrol services and monitor the actions of our security officers throughout the day. With several PPS IX supervisors to perform random checkups on our officers, PPS IX patrol services is excellent in nature and conduct. Furthermore, PPS IX provides patrol services in which officers come inspect a location at a specific time to check for vandalism, breaks-ins, theft or any suspicious behavior, loss prevention. If anything is noticed, PPS IX will immediately notify management and stay at the site until the issue is resolved.


Residential & Special Event Security Services:


We specialize in residential guard service which includes private homes, apartment complexes, planned unit developments, shopping centers, weddings, parties and events. PPS IX officers monitor with accuracy, detailed scope and provide daily reports on requests.


We can assure you that we provide excellent services at discounted prices. Please contact us regarding Security Services by either calling our office directly or filling out our online form.

Personal Protection to the NINE


“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes

we must do what is required.”  - Winston Churchill

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The nature and core competencies of PPS IX Security and to the customer’s specific needs Physical Security Services.  Our team has a combined total of over 56 years of professional security and outstanding protection delivery skills 

PPS IX What We Do

 Because PPS IX understands the heightened need for society’s protection as well as the corporation’s need for asset and property protection, Military and law enforcement professionals lead the PPS Team.


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